Some Art, For Once

Do people still write blogs? No, they don’t. But, until I get around to making an Artstation account, this will do for the moment.

Fallout 4 shipped in November and that was pretty cool. Sadly I don’t really have the freedom to post a bunch of work I did for that game, but if you pick up the art book, a bunch of the stuff in there is mine.

It’s weird to post concept art as I only spend a small amount of my time on it. Most of the stuff I did for Fallout 4 was 3D, but it’s so modular and piecemeal that it’s hard to show. Feral Ghouls and Synths a couple of my characters, if that matters. I’m happy that Nick Valentine and Drinking Buddy have had a good reception.

Here are a couple of Commonwealth Residents from Fallout 4 that got posted along with the Art Book announcement:

Concept art for the Feral Ghouls:

And before we move into old stuff, here’s something completely different – a couple of pages from a story book I wrote/illustrated for my kids about their stuffed animals:

Getting into old stuff, here are some concepts for Skyrim DLC – Dawnguard and Dragonborn (2012):

And now, let’s venture into ancient history, when I still worked at Mythic 5+ years ago. There is some old Warhammer stuff, and a few things that are all over the map from when Mythic was trying to reinvent itself as a studio:

AAA Games versus Smart TV

DISCLAIMER: This is a speculative opinion piece based on public information. These opinions are my own and do not represent my employer.

The game industry is about to get flipped. The console in the living room has long been the king platform for games, but these days the living room is different. Only blockbusters like Call of Duty or breakout indies profit in the arms race of the AAA. The traditional games business as a whole is shrinking.

The old console cycle of simply iterating on graphics hardware is dead, and it’s never coming back. Nobody is sure what the next game box will look like. What’s more, Apple TV and GoogleTV are trying to bring some of the magic of Android, iOS, and the Web into the living room and are threatening to upend the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the process.

Game consoles are primed to be disrupted, and the next generation of Smart TV might just be the new champion.

Where We Stand

There is massive growth happening in the games industry on smartphones, Facebook, the Web, and Steam. That style of game product – digitally distributed, service oriented, focused on ongoing revenue – is bound for the living room.

Enter Google and Apple

When they get there, an app store will meet the realities of couches and big screen TVs and a very peculiar new box will be born. This new box will have a fancy controller, sort of like a game controller, and it will happen to play games, but it won’t be an Xbox or a Playstation.

It’s not just games that are in for a shakeup, there is a full on war brewing in the living room around access to video content. There are Smart TVs like those from Samsung, there’s Roku and Boxee, and the old giants like Comcast and Verizon are getting smarter about the services they offer. The Web and services like Hulu and Netflix are changing TV behavior forever.

Google and Apple that are the most interesting contenders because they are big and don’t keep content out like the game console manufacturers. In this respect they are open. What also makes them interesting is that games will be important part of their arsenal in this battle and that will pit them against Microsoft and Sony’s AAA firepower.

It certainly doesn’t look good for games in the short term – the traditional business is in decline. But, once the dust settles and the new living room app store reigns supreme, this new box could be incredible for the game industry. Read on for the full analysis:


New Model – Hazardous Environment Suit

A bit of hard surface practice in 3dsmax, plus a chance to use Zbrush for something not bumpy and lumpy (the head).

Game Logos

The first one is for a would-be game of mine called Starfunk. It’s a space opera with a strong infusion of modern music and a visual style of psychedelic color mixed with retro sci-fi illustration. I hope to do some concept work for this universe someday. (click the logo to enlarge)


City Arch

A sci-fi piece for fun.

City Arch

Orc Bust – Finished

I wrapped this baby up with 2 days left on my 30 day Zbrush free trial. Polypainted and rendered in Zbrush. I’m not decided yet on whether or not to get a 3D print of it.

Orc BustOrc Bust

Star Wars Uncut – My Clips

Watch the trailer first to understand what this is:

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Then watch the original of the clip I remade:

And here is my version:

Star Wars Uncut – Scene 428 from Lucas Hardi on Vimeo.

This was so much fun to make. I did it in a few lunch hours, I didn’t stop to change something if it was crappy looking, and I worked as furiously fast as I could. It was probably 3-4 hours start to finish. I know it looks like crap, but that’s kind of the idea with Star Wars: Uncut – having fun and rediscovering your love of Star Wars.

Nick LaMartina here at Mythic did the audio, which I think makes the whole thing work.


A second clip. This one was not as much fun as the first to make (and not as successful), but still good practice for embracing the spirit of prototypes. I’m hoping this “quick and dirty” spirit will spill over into my game dev. We often learn a lot more about what works and what doesn’t by doing. Once again, Nick went above and beyond with the audio.

Star Wars Uncut – Scene 206 from Lucas Hardi on Vimeo.

Another Orc Bust, WIP

My first sculpt in about 3 years, the same subject as my last sculpt, but this time Paul Bonner style (still WIP):

Orc Bust

And an update:

Orc Bust

Warhammer Online Concept Art

I found some more pieces that I thought would go well on the site here. These were done between 2005 and 2007.

Max Payne

I’m not a fan of the new look that was recently revealed. Without going back and looking at any of the old games, I did this sketch (less than an hour).

War General

This was a painting for Dominance War 4, an art competition for game artists. I’ve been so busy with UI, that this is the first painting I’ve done in a few months.

Underneath It All

This is my entry to’s Last Man Standing 3 competition, round one. The topic is “Underneath it all.”

Goblin Heads

Just some sketches :)

More WAR: Chaos Tower

Rat Ogre

Another Warhammer Online character – a Rat Ogre.

More WAR and an old High Poly

A few more of my concepts have made it onto Warhammer Online’s official site, so I picked a couple to post here.

I also came across this character Imperator, modeled about two years ago. I figured it was worth posting just to prove that I did some high poly mechanical modeling once upon a time :)

This character looks a little strange because he was meant to be loaded out with massive weapons on each arm, his shoulders, and back. The players would socket different weapon loadouts on as they wished. Sadly the game was shelved before we got to that bit :)

Skaven Grey Seer

I saw a couple of my concepts are posted on WAR’s official site, so I figure it’s alright to post the same images here. This is a Skaven Grey Seer and a few variant heads that I did.

I’ll post some more another time.

An Introduction

So, I’m starting this site up primarily as a new place to put my portfolio, but I also hope that I’ll find the words to say a few things about the game industry. To get things started, I’m going to post a few images here. More can be found in the gallery link above.

This is Roland, a character from Stephen King’s Dark Tower books. I made him in my spare time over about 6 months, although I probably only worked about 2 hours a week on average (~50 hours total). I did a high poly model in Max and Zbrush, and textured in Photoshop. All of the shots are real-time using J.I. Styles’ Max Viewport Soft Skin shader. The shader notably lacks any kind of shadowing.

Edgeloops were cut into the lowpoly model in order to have visible creasing in the facial expressions

All shots of this character are screengrabs of the Max viewport using a realtime shader.

The shots would look a lot better if the shader included self-shadowing

Roland from Stephen King’s Dark Tower books.

High poly model. Max and Zbrush – 80% complete.

High poly model. Max and Zbrush – 80% complete.

Head texture flats.