New Site Design

If you’ve got the RSS burned try re-burning it from the link in the footer – I’ve switched to feedburner and I’d love to know how many of you out there are reading from a reader. I should have a pretty big post this week with some art and a whole lot of industry prediction, so you’ll want that feed updated. I should also have some new Warhammer art that I dug up posted shortly.

I’ve got a twitter account which will probably be rarely used, so you’ve got that alternative to the RSS. I’ll tweet out any new content that shows up here.

For posterity, here’s the previous site design. I liked the header and background, but I wanted something cleaner here, and I wanted a wide format so I can ditch the lightboxes.

old site design

New Model – Hazardous Environment Suit

A bit of hard surface practice in 3dsmax, plus a chance to use Zbrush for something not bumpy and lumpy (the head).

Game Logos

The first one is for a would-be game of mine called Starfunk. It’s a space opera with a strong infusion of modern music and a visual style of psychedelic color mixed with retro sci-fi illustration. I hope to do some concept work for this universe someday. (click the logo to enlarge)

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City Arch

A sci-fi piece for fun.

City Arch

Orc Bust – Finished

I wrapped this baby up with 2 days left on my 30 day Zbrush free trial. Polypainted and rendered in Zbrush. I’m not decided yet on whether or not to get a 3D print of it.

Orc BustOrc Bust