About Lucas Hardi

I have 10 years experience making games. I currently work at Bethesda Game Studios. Previously, I worked at Bioware Mythic (A.K.A EA Mythic, before that the independent studio Mythic Entertainment). I make art for games (see the gallery link above), and do a bit of design, and can hack together a little code here and there. At Mythic, I worked on Warhammer Online, Imperator, Dark Age of Camelot and more than a few projects that were shelved before they were ever announced. So far at BGS, I’ve worked on Skyrim.

I’m interested in the transitions the game industry is undergoing right now, from an old packaged goods model to a much more diverse and connected future. These changes have wide ranging impacts on everything from art style to game design to business models. This blog is a place for me to try on some ideas about how games can blossom in this time of change. You can also find some of the artwork I’ve made for games over the years.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out my portfolio and read a few posts. Some favorites:

You can access RSS, Twitter and LinkedIn below, and I can be reached at lucas.hardi -at- gmail.com.